New apartment & more Copas

Mi casa

It’s been a busy few weeks since my last post, but the biggest change has been moving into my own place. As you can imagine after spending 3 weeks in a hotel I was very keen to move in and quickly set about buying some essentials for a comfortable time here. It came fully furnished except for a few things: a TV, some bedding and pans/ bits for the kitchen. The TV was at the top of the list for sure. A few weeks in and I’m starting to get into a good routine and adjusting to life here well. I’m still getting used to living alone, but with all the racing, riding and moving in I’ve not got bored…yet. The view out of the living room is amazing, over looking the estruary running around the town and the surrounding hills. It’s something I’m definitely not taking for granted.

More Copa España’s

On the 10th of March I had my second race of the season at Trofeo Guiretta. This was a long 10hr drive away down on the south coast in Murcia. The race consisted of 2 14km back to back climbs in the middle of the 150km race, followed by a 40km run into the finish.

My job for the day was to look after one of our leaders Diego, which consisted of staying near him incase he had a problem, dropping back through the convoy to help him get back on after a mechanical, and also give him a push whilst he was having a wee!

It was a very chaotic day of racing with many riders suffering bad crashes. I myself got caught up in 3 of these, but coming away with only minor scrapes. Of the 198 that started, 96 reached the finish line. Over the top of the last climb I was within metres of the the front group of 20 or so riders. In my desperation to get back on I took some risks on the descent, but unfortunately went wide on a steeper than expected corner and slid out. I got caught by the 2nd group and eventually settled for 29th. But i gained alot of confidence from this, the legs were there and after such a hectic race still finished first out of my team.

My team from last year where also doing the race so it was really nice to have a laugh and catch up with the lads, and see how they were getting on.

The next week is a heavy racing block with 3 rounds of the Copa España series within 7 days.I’ve just come back from the 3rd round in the Basque country last Sunday, and am currently on my way to the next round starting tomorrow, the 21st, and the 5th round after that on Sunday the 24th. The series in total has 9 rounds and finishes in mid May. It’s considered to be the biggest series for elite and u23 riders in Spain and I feel fortunate to be selected to race the full series. After this the calendar makes room for more stage races.

One thing I’ve quickly come to realise is just how big Spain is! 10hr/ 1000km transfers are a normality here. But the team does a good job of splitting up the travel, setting off 2 days before and stopping regularly. There’s also none of the traffic chaos I’m used to in the UK which is nice, touch wood.

Thanks for reading

Hasta luego!


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